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Swing Trading Update – The Retrace – 1.29.16

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

Well for Swing Traders this was the week of the "retrace". Monday we saw the markets drift lower all day but the volume didnt really kick in. Swing Trading Strategies - 1.29.16

Tuesday and Wednesday gave traders a big clue as we watched the market basically fight to find a direction.

On Tuesday the clue was an "up" day on increased volume compared to Mondays "down" day on light volume.

Wednesday we had an "outside" day on even bigger volume with a close on the low end of the trading range for the day.

Thursdays light volume "inside" day let you know that the market was taking a "pause" and would more than likely (nothing is for certain) continue is retrace to the upside soon.

Friday we watched as the market did just that. The $SPY had some nice volume to the upside while the $DIAs volume lagged a bit.

Both charts however showed a good combination of price and volume to at least let you know what side of the market (the long side) was the right side to be on.

As we look through the charts of the sector ETFs we see a few good trade setups assuming of course that you are a counter trend trader.

A long trade in $XLE set up nicely as it did in $IYF and even $XLK for those brave traders.

A note on the GOLD ETF's here…

$GOLD ripped to the highs this week with $GDX and $NUGT looking better as well. $ABX is shaping up and maybe taking a look at Silver $SLX would be wise.

As we look forward to trading tomorrow just remember that we are trading under the 50 day SMA AND that we are in a down channel.

With that being said there is a lot of white space on the charts to the upside if the buyers want to push us back a little closer that 50 day "trendline".

If you are a short term swing trader then look to adjust your risk/reward on these counter trend trades so that the math still works for you.

I personally dont think the we are anywhere near done on the short side but time will tell. In the meantime we will continue listen to what the market tells us and trade appropriately.

We hope you do the same. Until next week…Good trading to YOU!

A Short Swing Trading Market For Stocks

Sunday, January 17th, 2016

Short swing trading stocks (and ETF's) was still the theme for this week.

After only a small bounce (or retrace) on Monday and Tuesday the markets continued the free fall to end the week.

Short Swing Trading Stocks and ETF's

While the overall market dropped there were certain sectors that bascially traded sideways.

The Oil ($OIH) and Enrgey ($XLE) ETF's only drifted slighty lower.

The ususal suspects $IYF $IYR $ XHB are the ones that really took a beating this week.

$XHB - Short Swing Trading ETF

Another interesting sector worth mentioning is the GOLD ($GOLD $GDX) sector

Last week we mentioned that the GOLD realted ETF's broke above thier 50 Day moving averages

As trading continued through the week it became obvious that the 50 day was NOT going to hold as the ETF's came crashing backing down.

$GDX - Short Swing Trading ETF's

For individual stocks it was a tricky game this week.

Wednesday offered a good day to look for SHORT trading setups and signals.

The problem was the number of "clean" setups. 

As we scanned for stocks and ETF's that wree setting up for short trades we werent coming up with much.

A ton of stocks were still headed lower but they were essentially CONTINUATION moves to the downside.

$APC offered a good example of this…

$APC - Short Trading Stock Strategies

An example of a good SHORT swing trading setup this week?

Well take a look a $DIS as it offered up a nice trade to the SHORT side.


$DIS - Short Swing Trading Strategies

As we move into trading next week we expect bascially the same thing we did last weekend.

A bunch of stocks and ETF's are extended to the downside and a another retrace is coming…it is just a matter of when and how much.

The last retrace (Monday and Tuesday) was minimal and then the next push down started.

If you werent ready you probably missed it.

As lawyas you need to be focused in a fast moving market like this one.

Anything COULD happen so be prepared for whatever the market throws at you.

Until next week…Good trading to YOU!

Short Swing Trading To Start The Year

Friday, January 8th, 2016

Well we started off the year with a SHORT Swing Trading bonanza now didnt we?

The DOW JONES and S&P close for trading and end the first week of 2016 DOWN TRIPLE DIGITS.

Right out of the gate on Monday (4th) morning we knew we were in for a wild ride this week.

The big GAP DOWN in the market was actually follow thorugh from the down move that started last week.

That being said we were already on HIGH ALERT for SHORT TRADES since the major indicies were all breaking below thier 50 day moving averages.

#SPY - Short Swing Trading Strategies

As we looked around at the different sectors we saw that most of the charts we showing continuation moves to the downside.

The semicondictors ($SMH), Technolgy ($XLK), Homebuilders ($XHB), and Financials ($XLF) all started their moves last week so getting short this week would have been chasing the market.

Energy and Oil ($XLE, $OIH) was a bit of an expeption and actually turned into a short swing trade signals on Wednesday. 

$XLE - Short Swing Trading ETF


Just in case you arent yet comfortable shorting stocks yet then #SCO was your inverse ETF to take a long trade on.

On a related note both $APA and $APC were short trading setups as well.

On the flip side the GOLD ETF's ($GDX $GLD $NUGT) showed signs of life as both ETF's broke up through their 50 day moving avergages.

As far as individual stocks go Ryder ($R) is a good example of a stock that offered a good short trading setup as the market traded lower on Wednesday.

$R - Short Swing Trading Strategies

As we move into next week we arent expecting much more a down move before the retrace starts. 

Could we continue to sell off next week?

Of course. Anything COULD happen.

But if it does we wont have much to trade since most of the moves are extended at this point.

We will wait for the retrace and then reevaluate from there.

Until next week…Good trading to YOU!

Short Intraday Swing Trading Strategies

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Short Intraday Swing Trading Strategies

In this video I walk through some of our intraday swing trades from this mornings action.

The strategy we use to trade intraday is the same strategy we trade for our overnight swing trades.

This morning we had several SHORT trade setups before lunchtime. This trades included $SPY, $CSX, $MUR and $DE.


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