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Direxion Plans another “Bearish” Bank ETF

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Direxion plan to launch a new BEARISH BANK ETF to the mix.

The new NON LEVERAGED fund could be a competitor to the Proshares SHORT Financials ($SEF).

The new fund would track the results of the Financial Select Sector Index, the same index tracked by the Financial Select Sector SPDR, instead of the Russell 1000 Financial Services Index which $FAZ tracks.

The full article is here:

Direxion Files Plans to Introduce Another Bearish Bank ETF (FAZ, FAS, XLF)

New Direxion 3x Semiconductor ETF

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Direxion added a few new leveraged ETF's to its product list last month.

Two NEW triple leveraged ETF's that we will be adding to our trade list is the Direxion Daily Semiconductor BULL 3x Shares (SOXL) and Direxion Daily Semiconductor BEAR 3x Shares (SOXS).

These funds track the PHLX Semiconductor Index which tracks U.S. semiconductor makers and equipment manufacturers.

Direxion has an entire family of ETF's that are suitable for swing trading.

You can view their enitre list of ETF's at

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