Inverse ETF List

Here is a list of some of the most popular INVERSE ETF's available to trade today.

The list below includes non-leveraged, double leveraged (2X) and triple leveraged (3X) ETF's.

While these INVERSE ETF's are suitable for Swing Trading please check the volume of each fund prior to entering into a trade to make sure it meets your personal volume level requirements.

Tracks Symbol Description Leverage
DJIA DOG Proshares SHORT Dow 30 1X
  DXD Proshares Ultrashort Dow 30 2X
S&P 500 SH Proshares SHORT S&P 500 1X
  SDS Proshares Ultrashort S&P 500 2X
Nasdaq 100 PSQ Powershares SHORT QQQ 1X
  QID Proshares Ultrashort QQQ 2X
Russel 2000 RWM Proshares SHORT Russel 2000 Index 1X
  TWM Proshares Ultra SHORT Russel 2000 Index 2X
Large Cap BGZ Direxion Daily Large Cap BEAR ETF 3X
Mid Cap MYY Proshares SHORT Mid Cap 400 ETF 1X
  MZZ Proshares Ultra SHORT Mid Cap 400 ETF 2X
  MWN Direxion Daily Mid Cap BEAR ETF 3X
Small Cap SBB Proshares SHORT Small Cap ETF 1X
  SDD Proshares Ultra SHORT Small Cap ETF 2X
  TZA Direxion Daily Small Cap BEAR ETF 3X
Banks KRS SHORT Regional Banking ETF 1X
Basic Materials SMN Proshares Ultra SHORT Basic Materials 2X
Energy ERY Direxion Daily Energy BEAR ETF 3X
Financial SEF Proshares SHORT Financials ETF 1X
  SKF Proshares Ultrashort Financial ETF 2X
  FAZ Direxion 3X BEAR FInancial ETF 3x
Gold DGZ Power Shares SHORT Gold 1X
  GLL Proshares Ultra SHORT GOLD ETF 2X
Healthcare RXD Proshares Ultra SHORT Health Care ETF 2X
Oil DDG Proshares SHORT Oil and Gas ETF 1X
  DUG Proshares Ultra SHORT Oil and Gas ETF 2X
  SCO Proshares Ultra SHORT DJ USB Crude 2X
  DNO United States SHORT Oil Fund 1X
Real Estate REK Proshares SHORT Real Estate ETF 1X
  SRS Proshares Ultra SHORT Real Estate ETF 2X
  DRV Direxion Daily Real Estate BEAR 3X
Semiconductors SSG Proshares Ultra SHORT Semiconductor 2X
  SOXS Direxion Daily Semiconductor BEAR 3X
Silver ZSL Proshares Ultra SHORT Silver ETF 2X
Technology REW Proshares Ultra SHORT Technology ETF 2X
  TYP Direxion Daily Technology BEAR ETF 3X
Emerging Markets EDZ Direxion Daily Emerging Markets BEAR ETF 3X
  EEV Proshares Ultra SHORT MSCI Emg Mrkts 2X
  EFU Proshares Ultra SHORT MSCI EAFE 2X
China YXI Short FTSE/Xinhua China25 1X
  FXP UltraShort FTSE/Xinhua China25 2X
Japan EWV Proshares Ultra SHORTJapan ETF 2X
Europe EFU EAFE Double Short ETF 2X
  PST Proshares Ultra Short  7-10 year 2X
  TYO Direxion 10 Year Treasury BEAR ETF 3X
  TMV Direxion 30 Year Treasury BEAR ETF 3X


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