P.V.T. Trading Tactics

Learn to use the powerful concept of Price Action, Volume, Trend lines

and Trend channels in your Swing Trading

Course description

Price action is really what its all about isnt it?

Stocks (or ETF's, Futures contracts, etc) all move up and down all day every day.

One of the primary goals of using technical analysis is to try to predict and profit from future price movement (price action).

When we use technical analysis to analyze price action our goal is to locate and profit from repeating "price patterns" in the market.

Now when we add Volume into our analysis we begin to paint a much clearer picture.

If you think of Volume as the "fuel" that makes price "move" then learning how to interpret Volume patterns in conjunction with price action should be the next logical skill to master.

All trades need context.

Trend Lines and Trend Channels provide that context for you!

Analyzing price action and volume in the context of what the market is doing (UP trending, DOWN trending, consolidating) now gives you a crystal clear view of the right side of the market.

By learning how to combine all three elements (price action, volume, and trend lines) you will now have a simple but VERY POWERFUL technique to help you make profitable trading decisions!

In this course you will learn:

How to properly interpret PRICE ACTION

How to objectively draw TREND LINES and TREND CHANNELS to give your trades context

– How to use VOLUME ANALYSIS in conjunction with PRICE ACTION and TREND LINES to determine which trades to take

– To trade in step with the market by noticing short term sentiment changes

– Which trade setups TO AVOID based on the PVT Method

– How to read and profit from specific PVT CHART PATTERNS and setups

– How to set your INITIAL and TRAILING STOPS to limit risk and maximize profits

– The best way to "ride your winners" and NOT EXIT TOO SOON!

– How and where to properly set EFFECTIVE PROFIT TARGETS

– Advanced strategies for potentially turning a losing trade into a winner

You will also receive:

FREE follow up coaching with your instructor via email for 30 days

FREE replay of the entire PVT Trading course

– FREE Tactical Guides and Workbooks for PVT Trading


 NEXT CLASS: MAY 29th and JUNE 4th

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