A Swing Trading course for new or struggling traders and active investors

Seminar description

In our BASIC TRAINING BOOT CAMP you will learn everything you need to know to lay a solid foundation to begin or improve your Swing Trading Career.

In this swing trading course you will learn simple yet very powerful techniques and strategies to help you make consistent swing trading profits!

We take you from the very beginning and show you, step by step, how to do the things to make you successful.

In this course you will learn:

– The Swing Trading Basics to get a solid foundation before you go into battle!

Which type of broker and trading platform is best suited for you

How to pick the best charting software for swing trading

– The different types of orders to use to execute your trades

– Why a proper self assessment is an essential element to your success

– How to define your individual style of trading

– Several common obstacles that traders face and how to overcome them

– How to develop the proper mind set for swing trading

– How to create a trading business plan detailing every part of your strategy

– How to create a "battle plan" for each and every swing trade you make

– How to use Technical Analysis to identify swing trading opportunities

– How to analyze overall market conditions to locate the best swing trading set ups

– How to read and profit from specific chart patterns

– Which swing trading indicators and oscillators work best for swing trading

– The proper way to read and interpret volume

– Proper money management and position sizing techniques (the real key to success!)

– How to set your initial and trailing stops to limit risk and maximize profits

– How and when to exit your trades

– How and where to properly set profit targets

– How to create and get the most out of your trading journal

– How to review and analyze your swing trades

– Plus much much more!

You will also receive:

FREE follow up coaching with your instructor via email for 30 days

A FREE subscription to our newsletter: The "Tactical Swing Trader" for daily trading ideas and ongoing education

2 FREE One on One private coaching sessions with your instructor to further help define your individual strategies and goals