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Swing Trading Week in Review – January 27, 2012

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

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DIA - Swing Trading

Right back to where we started!

All looks good for the LONG side of the market although we ended up finishing the week pretty much where we started.

The major indices did pop up again on Wednesday (on good volume) but quickly reversed on Thursday and drifted a bit lower on Friday.

The sector action was a mixed with some of the stronger sectors taking a breather and some sectors showing some increased relative strength.

The Real Estate sector out performed the market by rallying to new highs this week.

IYR - Real Estate ETF

The REIT ETF ($RWR) also followed suit…


The Silver and Gold ETF's ($SLV $GLD $GDX) also sprang to life this week…

SLV - Silver ETF GLD - Gold Shares ETF

The Steel and Airline sectors ($SLX $FAA) are also looking good with several stocks in each sector making nice moves this week.

Keep your eye on $AKS $NUE $X $STLD!

The Semiconductors took a little break this week but keep don't forget about names like $MRVL $CREE $KLAC $NVLS $LRCX next week if the market stays strong.

Even with the market stalling this week some of the stocks we watch seem to have gone to far to fast.

With Silver and Gold showing some bullish price action make sure to keep a close eye on the overall market conditions when evaluating your trade set ups.

Have a plan in place and be prepared for anything!

Until next week…Good Trading to YOU!

Swing Trading Week in Review – January 20, 2012

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

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DIA - Swing Trading

Rally to NEW HIGHS!

After being closed for yet another Monday session the market once again GAPPED UP on Tuesday.

Swing Traders had to wonder if the "GAP UP and trade sideways" pattern would continue.

The rest of the week however brought about good news as the market actually traded higher and closed out the week at new multi month highs!

For the most part the sector action was also very bullish with a few sectors really taking the lead.

The Semiconductor ETF's ($SMH) rallied nicely as did the overall Technology ETF ($XLK).

$SMH - Semiconductor ETF $XLK - Technology ETF

These sectors provided some nice continuation trade setups in stocks that were on our Watchlist.

$ATMI continued to rally after a minor one day pullback last Friday.


$KLAC made a nice move to the up side after breaking out of its triple top resistance.


There were also plenty of other stocks making nice moves.

$WFM, $MWW, $AFL, $ADBE and $GS
were a few more that made our list.

As we move into next week there are tons of stocks to watch. Some of these are setting up nicely for possible LONG trades if the market continues to show strength next week.

Some of those stocks are becoming a bit extended after 3 or 4 days up. Make sure you wait for your setup and don't chase stocks up in an attempt to catch the move.

Lets hope the market continues to advance after this last break out but as always be prepared for anything.

Until next week…Good Trading to YOU!

Swing Trading Week in Review – January 13, 2012

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Swing Trading Blog – Swing Trading Boot Camp

DIA - Swing Trading ETF

The sideways trading continues!

Swing Traders were a little excited Tuesday as the market GAPPED UP and broke out of the week long sideways trading range.

As the day progressed though the price action and volume painted a different picture. The low volume and close near the lows of the day did give us much conviction.

The rest of the week looked a lot like last week. Sideways trading and lack of follow through in the overall market.

Some individual stocks on the other hand looked much more impressive.

After breaking out of a longer term down channel $WLK broke out to a higher high on Monday.

Look at the last 5 days of volume. A pretty picture indeed!

$WLK - Swing Trading

$KMX made a nice move to the upside after a nice price and volume move on Tuesday.

The move takes $KMX to new multi month highs.

$KMX - Swing Trading

$ATMI (mentioned is last weeks BLOG POST) continued its UP move after breaking out of a nice "cup and handle" pattern on the daily chart.

ATMI - Swing Trading

The market remains strong and continues to hover near its high.

While its hard to look to the SHORT side with such apparent overall strength stay aware of the sectors that aren't really acting that well.

This will paint and very detailed picture for you of where the market sits and how each sector is acting.

Know each and every day which sectors and stocks are showing relative strength and which are showing weakness.

Doing so will keep your on the right side of the market and will also give you an idea of where to turn if the market reverses.

As always be prepared for anything and act accordingly when the market tell you to.

Until next week…good trading to YOU!




Swing Trading Blog – Week in Review January 6, 2012

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Swing Trading Blog – Swing Trading Boot Camp

Happy New Year!

Well the market started out the week on a good note as traders watch the market GAP UP after Mondays day off.

The big GAP UP was followed by three days of sideways trading.

Not much in the way of sector movement either but one sector is making new multi month highs.

The Homebuilders ETF (XHB) continues to move higher and is showing extreme relative strength.

(My Esignal charts are acting up so I will post them once they are back to normal).

There were a few stocks that sprung to life this week.

Keep $JAZZ $ATMI $MRVL $LULU $MDT and $M on your watch list for next week.

Watch for the market to breakout from this past 4 day consolidation period and have stocks on your list so you can act accordingly.

Until next week….Good Trading to YOU!


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