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Swing Trading Week in Review – February 11, 2011

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

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DIA - Swing Trading

In last weeks BLOG post we told you that we were back in "LONG ONLY" mode and this week the market did NOT let us down.

The overall market and most of the sector ETF's rallied to NEW YEARLY HIGHS this week.

A bunch of stocks on our Watch List made nice moves this week.

The Semiconductors ($SMH) remained strong but most of the other sectors moved up nicely as well.

The Financials ($XLF) and the Real Estate ($IYR) ETF's broke out this week.

IYR - Swing Trading ETF

$TTWO and $ERTS are still holding up and $WFMI (mentioned last week) had a nice break away gap to the UP side on Thursday.

WFMI - Swing Trading

We could go on and on about the stocks that rallied last week but that would be of little use to you moving forward.

Instead we will let you know that some of the Energy stocks we mentioned last week are still poised to break out.

As the market continues to rally look for the stocks that are setting up nicely as we move into next week.

The "LONG ONLY" mode continues and we hope that you are taking advantage of this tremendous rally in the market!

Until next week…Good Trading to YOU!

Swing Trading Week in Review – January 7, 2011

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Swing Trading BLOG – Swing Trading BOOT CAMP

The new year is HERE!

SPY - ETF Swing Trading

On a positive note the market continued to rally to NEW HIGHS this week.

On a different note we are starting to see some signs that concern us moving into next week.

One of the biggest things we have noticed this past week is that the SELLERS are becoming much more aggressive at these levels.

This has been evident in many of of the individual stocks that we monitor each and every day.

Take a look at some stocks like ATMI, LRCX, and NVLS in the Semiconductor sector.


The Retail stocks have also taken a hit this week.

Look at ANN, M, TIF and TGT (to name a few).


We also take notice of the fact that some of the recently strong sector ETF's have shown a bit of weakness as the overall market moved higher this week.

As expected the Retail ETF's (RTH) are fist on this list.

Gold (GLD) and the Gold Miners (GDX) also got whacked this week.


With the noticeable selling coming into some of the Semiconductor stocks we are anxious to see watch next week has in store for this sector ETF (SMH).

Some of the other sector ETF's are holding up very well and are worth watching next week.

The FInancials (XLF), Hombuilders (XHB), Broker/Dealers (IAI), Agriculture (DBA) and Energy (XLE) and Oil (OIH) are on this list.


The number of sectors on this list is evidence of the overall strength of this market BUT there are signs that are a bit concerning for us.

Next week should be a good indication of where we go from here.

Sooner of later a PULLBACK will be upon us.

With that in mind make sure you have a plan in place so you can benefit (in one way or another) when the PULLBACK comes.

Until next week…Good Trading to YOU!


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Swing Trading Week in Review – November 19, 2010

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Swing Trading BLOG – Swing Trading BOOT CAMP

The sell off continued to start out the week on a negative note.

By Thursday however we saw the buyers step back in and give the markets a lift to close out the week.

This recent sell off has taken the major indices back near their 50 period SMA's on INCREASING VOLUME which is a bit concerning.

SPY- Swing Trading

The "inside day" we saw in the markets on Wednesday was followed by less than impressive volume as the market rose Thursday and Friday.

It looks like we are at another pivotal level in the market and as always follow through (and how it does) is the key.

This low volume "bounce" could be quickly followed by MORE BUYING and an increase in volume.

This would be a great short term sign that the bulls are still in charge.

If however this low volume "bounce" is followed by AGGRESSIVE SELLING then the market could be in a for a significant move lower.

Some of the sector ETF's preformed quite well to close out the week while others are showing signs of tremendous weakness.

The Oil Services (OIH) and Energy ETF's (XLE) had nice moves to the upside.

OIH- Swing Trading ETF XLE

The Semiconductor ETF (SMH) remains strong after it's recent BREAKOUT and we will continue to look for signs of follow through in this sector.


Silver (SLV) also made it's next UP SWING after a decent pull back from it's most recent high.

SLV - Silver ETF

The two sector's we focused on in last weeks BLOG POST…The Financial's (IYF, XLF) and the Homebuilders (XHB)…have now pulled back to a  level that is BELOW their recent breakout points.


Both sector's are hovering around their 50 DAY SMA's and are still in a "zone" that COULD hold as support but this type of deep pullback after a HIGH VOLUME breakout is NOT a great sign.

Even though the market is showing a bit of weakness recently there were still plenty of opportunities to take some LONG trades this week.

Several stocks on our Watch List set up for some nice trades this week.

Stocks on this list were $LULU, $COG, $MRVL, $WLK, $X, $BRCM, $TIF, $MEE and $HAL (to name a few).


Even though the market is still technically in a very BULLISH phase it is at, what we believe, at very pivotal level.

For the first time in several weeks we are actually seeing a number of  SHORT trade setups.

During this recent sell off in the market several stocks have actually started to show signs of weakness.

$ERTS, $LLY, $G, $K, and $MED are a few on our list that are relatively weak.

The Real Estate sector (and the stocks within) have all been hit hard during this recent sell off.

$SPG, $DRE, $KIM and $O have sold off hard recently and a "bounce" could happen in the very near future but the price action and volume we have seen during this sell off has us looking to the SHORT side in this sector.

Next week should give us a good indication of where the market is headed from here.

You may have heard this before but…BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING!

Until next week…Good Trading to YOU!

Swing Trading Week in Review – November 5, 2010

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Swing Trading Blog – Swing Trading BOOT CAMP


Swing Traders got the breakout they have been waiting for as the market traded to NEW HIGHS for the year this week.

As you would expect most of the sectors followed suit by rallying higher this week as well.


The sector ETF's making NEW HIGHS for the year this week were Agriculture ($DBA $MOO), Energy ($XLE), Real Estate ($IYR), Semiconductors ($SMH), Airlines ($FAA) and Technology ($XLK).

SIlver ($SLV) and Gold ($GLD) also rallied to NEW HIGHS as did the Gold Miners ($GDX).

Another interesting thing to take notice of is that there is finally some strength coming into the weakest sectors.

The Financials ($XLF $IYF) and the Hombuilders ($XHB) ETF's broke through key overhead resistance levels this week.


The Broker/Dealer ETF ($IAI) also broke through the resistance in the $25-$27 area.


All of these ETF's broke through these prior resistance levels on BIG volume!

Follow through is the key but the amount of volume we saw at the end of last week in a hopefully a sign of good things to come.

In last weeks BLOG POST we told you that there were a TON of stocks pulling back nicely off of their most recent highs.

Hopefully you were able to get into some of these trades this week.

There were loads of what we call "text book" swing trades to take this week.

A few stocks with favorable risk/reward setups were $MEE, $EC, $ANN, $GS, $BBY, $SKS and $APC to name a few.


$SPG ripped and even $F was a rock star this week!


There were some stocks that actually rolled over this week but with the market breaking out to new highs we have no need to focus on the SHORT side.

Although we will continue to watch BOTH sides of the market to determine overall strength and weakness just remember that CONTEXT is the KEY that allows you to take action.

CONTEXT tells us the market is way too strong to try to fight it but that being said it is also warning us NOT to chase it up at this point!

If for some reason you missed last weeks action BE PATIENT and wait for your trades to set up for you.

Sometimes it is hard to sit and wait when the market is moving up the way it is but often times that is the smartest thing to do.

Until next week…Good Trading to YOU!

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