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Swing Trading BLOG – Week in Review – May 27, 2011

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Swing Trading BLOG – Swing Trading BOOT CAMP

DIA - Swing Trading ETF

The BIG GAP DOWN we saw on Monday extended the month long correction we have seen in the overall market.

The market is now hoovering near it's 50 day SMA as we saw a bit of a rebound by weeks end.

As we look over our sector ETF LIST it is a mixed bag.

The Retail ETF ($RTH) has pulled back off of it recent high and is still trading above its 50 day SMA.

$RTH - Swing Trading ETF

The Real Estate ETF ($IYR) is equally as strong in the short term.

$IYR - Swing Trading ETF

The oversold  Steel, Energy, and Oil ETF's put in a retrace back towards their 50 day SMA's.

The Gold ETF ($GLD) is starting to shine again so make sure this sector is on your list.

$GLD - Swing Trading ETF

So now that we are back trading near the 50 day SMA where does the market go from here?

Do we continue the short term DOWN TREND?

Do we chop around a bit while the buyers and sellers fight it out?

No one knows for sure but for now we continue to trade both sides on the market.

One stock that we are watching to see if it transitions from weak to strong?

Take a look at $CREE…

$CREE - Swing Trading

Keep both strong stocks ($ELN, $CTXS, $INFA, $ANF, etc) and weak ones ($SOHU, $ADSK, $HOG, $DOW) on your list and be prepared for whichever way the market goes from here.

Until next week…Good Trading to YOU!

Swing Trading Week in Review – April 8, 2011

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Swing Trading BLOG – Swing Trading BOOT CAMP


Swing traders watched as the market moved to NEW HIGHS again this week but the move lacked the follow through that we were hoping for.

The week started out on a positive but was quickly followed by a three consolidation pattern to end the week.

The market is still strong of course so there were several ETF's and individual stocks making some nice moves.

With Oil being a very active sector it is no surprise that the US Oil ETF ($USO) turned in a great week.


Another sector on the move this week was the Retail sector ($RTH)…


This sector has rebounded nicely and is trading back near its 3 month high.

This BLOG post would be complete without mentioning that both the GOLD and SILVER ETF's ($GDX $GLD $SLV) are definitely "in play"!


All the sectors listed above (and a few others) are on our radar as we move into trading next week.

The Technology sector ($XLK $SMH) seems to be lagging a bit as this market remains strong.

For now we are sticking mostly to the LONG side as the market continues to trade near its highs.

We will keep an eye on the SHORT side just in case thing take a turn for the worst.

Be prepared for anything…and until next week…Good Trading to YOU!

Swing Trading Week in Review – January 14, 2011

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Swing Trading BLOG – Swing Trading BOOT CAMP

And UP we go!!! (Again!)

After a week of increased selling last week we watched as the market rallied (again) to NEW HIGHS!

In last weeks BLOG POST we told you that we were concerned coming into this week because of the selling we witnessed last week.

One sector that we mentioned was the Semiconductor sector ($SMH).

Last week a few stocks in this sector had some BIG TIME selling going on.

$LRCX, $ATMI, and $NVLS we the names that we mentioned.

As we came into this week we were watching to see how these stocks and the Semiconductor ETF were going to trade.

Monday was a good indication that this sector was starting to move higher again.

After showing a bit of weakness last week this new move to the UP side could be merely a "retrace" after the move down.

When Tuesday came around and we watched as the volume increased to push most of these stocks (and the ETF) higher we figured the sector had found its legs once again.


That being said we still were NOT looking to take any trades in these specific stocks due to their weakness last week.

The were plenty of STRONGER sectors for us to watch so we simply took notice of the change in sentiment in this sector and will watch for follow through  next week.

The sectors that we mentioned last week that were "holding up well and worth watching" all turned in a nice week.

The FInancials (XLF), Hombuilders (XHB), Broker/Dealers (IAI), Agriculture (DBA) and Energy (XLE) and Oil (OIH) provided us plenty of opportunity this week.


As we enter into next week we are once again in FULL RALLY mode.

Our plan (as always) is to stick with the strong sectors and avoid the weak ones.

Until next week…Good Trading to YOU!

Swing Trading Week in Review – January 7, 2011

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Swing Trading BLOG – Swing Trading BOOT CAMP

The new year is HERE!

SPY - ETF Swing Trading

On a positive note the market continued to rally to NEW HIGHS this week.

On a different note we are starting to see some signs that concern us moving into next week.

One of the biggest things we have noticed this past week is that the SELLERS are becoming much more aggressive at these levels.

This has been evident in many of of the individual stocks that we monitor each and every day.

Take a look at some stocks like ATMI, LRCX, and NVLS in the Semiconductor sector.


The Retail stocks have also taken a hit this week.

Look at ANN, M, TIF and TGT (to name a few).


We also take notice of the fact that some of the recently strong sector ETF's have shown a bit of weakness as the overall market moved higher this week.

As expected the Retail ETF's (RTH) are fist on this list.

Gold (GLD) and the Gold Miners (GDX) also got whacked this week.


With the noticeable selling coming into some of the Semiconductor stocks we are anxious to see watch next week has in store for this sector ETF (SMH).

Some of the other sector ETF's are holding up very well and are worth watching next week.

The FInancials (XLF), Hombuilders (XHB), Broker/Dealers (IAI), Agriculture (DBA) and Energy (XLE) and Oil (OIH) are on this list.


The number of sectors on this list is evidence of the overall strength of this market BUT there are signs that are a bit concerning for us.

Next week should be a good indication of where we go from here.

Sooner of later a PULLBACK will be upon us.

With that in mind make sure you have a plan in place so you can benefit (in one way or another) when the PULLBACK comes.

Until next week…Good Trading to YOU!


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