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Swing Trading Week in Review – April 8, 2011

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

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Swing traders watched as the market moved to NEW HIGHS again this week but the move lacked the follow through that we were hoping for.

The week started out on a positive but was quickly followed by a three consolidation pattern to end the week.

The market is still strong of course so there were several ETF's and individual stocks making some nice moves.

With Oil being a very active sector it is no surprise that the US Oil ETF ($USO) turned in a great week.


Another sector on the move this week was the Retail sector ($RTH)…


This sector has rebounded nicely and is trading back near its 3 month high.

This BLOG post would be complete without mentioning that both the GOLD and SILVER ETF's ($GDX $GLD $SLV) are definitely "in play"!


All the sectors listed above (and a few others) are on our radar as we move into trading next week.

The Technology sector ($XLK $SMH) seems to be lagging a bit as this market remains strong.

For now we are sticking mostly to the LONG side as the market continues to trade near its highs.

We will keep an eye on the SHORT side just in case thing take a turn for the worst.

Be prepared for anything…and until next week…Good Trading to YOU!

Swing Trading Week in Review – October 1, 2010

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Swing Trading BLOG – Swing Trading BOOT CAMP

Well after the long awaited BREAKOUT we saw last week the market followed up with…a nice long week of NOTHING!

Coming into this week there was a lot of optimism based on the recent bullish action we have seen in the overall market.

Traders (including us) were expecting at least a little follow through this week but instead were met with yet another frustrating week of consolidating price action.


Most of the stocks and ETF's did the exact same thing as the overall market.

A few were up slightly as the week came to an end but nothing to write home about.

There were a few exceptions as we saw the Energy and Oil Services ETF's have nice continuation moves this week.

In last weeks BLOG post we showed you our entry into XLE and the pullback that followed.

This week XLE continued its UP move despite the "stall" in the overall market.


As you would expect the Oil Services ETF (OIH) had a strong week.

RIG and DO were two stocks in this sector the gave us LONG trade signals this week.


GOLD and the GOLD MINERS (GDX) came back to life this week as well and SILVER (SLV) is acting just as bullish.

With last weeks news in the AIRLINE sector we saw the Airline ETF (FAA) trade up to a NEW HIGH for the YEAR.

Technology, Retail, Real Estate, Financial and the Homebuilders all had a lackluster week.

One sector to watch moving forward is going to be Agriculture.

This week we saw big time selling come into some of the stocks in this recently strong sector.

MON, MOS, CF and ADM all sold off this week despite the market holding up above its BREAKOUT level.


The Agriculture ETF's (DBA and MOO) have now put in their first significant pullback after last months nice run up.

This pullback may be a good time to look to buy some of the stronger names in this sector but the caution light is now flashing as we move forward.


This type of price and volume action is not yet a transition from a "bullish" to "bearish" bias for this sector but it is something to watch for in days/weeks to come.

The overall market is still very strong as almost every major sector ETF is trading above its 50 day SMA.

Last weeks "consolidation" is telling us that the buyers and sellers are playing a big game of tug-of-war at this level.

Obviously anything is possible next week.

A continuation move to the UP side wouldn't surprise us but neither would a retrace back near the 50 day SMA.

The key (as always) is to be prepared with a plan of action for either outcome.

What stocks and/or ETF's will you look to buy if the UP move continues?

What will you do if the market sells off on Monday indicating that the market is pulling back?

Will you SHORT anything or simply sit on the sidelines and wait?

You know what they say..."failing to plan is planning to fail".

Have your plan is place and execute when the time is right!

Until next week…Good Trading to YOU!

Swing Trading Week in Review – April 1,2010

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

What a month March has been!

The DOW, S&P and NASDAQ all ended this holiday shortened week at the high for year.


March has been a great month for Swing Traders if they were able to get on board this rally at some point during the month.

The markets basically traded sideways until the very end of the week when, on Thursday, the market popped up from the open and ended up rallying into to the close as well.

As far as individual sectors are concerned GOLD (GDX ETF), SILVER (SLV ETF), OIL (OIH ETF)and ENERGY (XLE ETF) all showed signs of life on Thursday after being some of the weakest sectors over the past few weeks.

A few of the strongest sectors, RETAIL (RTH ETF) and REAL ESTATE (IYR ETF), actually took a little break this week and pulled back a bit.

Stocks in these "Hot" sectors may offer Swing Traders another opportunity to get LONG in the near future.

Keep them on your radar and look for Swing Trade set ups that offer the lowest risk and highest reward.

As always…be prepared for ANYTHING!

Until next week…Good trading to YOU!

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